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1.  #GoZones and #NoZones

With #GoZonesand #NoZones, you’re notes just got more visual, and responsive. NoteCaddie plays more than ever like your own customized yardage book. You pop open the #GoZone window, tap the button to drop a #GoZone or #NoZone, and then tap and hold to drag the marker anywhere you see fit on the GPS. Then, with a tap, you can see your distance to the zone, so you know just where to aim, and attack, or avoid! When you tap the marker, NoteCaddiewill also give you the option to delete the marker. The markers save to your notes, so they will be there every time henceforth!

3.  Our GPS is miles better!


The GPS now delivers distances more accurately, more seamlessly, and more beautifully than before. If you aren’t on the course, you can still create a solid gameplan. The App knows if you are more than a few hundred yards away from the hole, and will place a default tee, which you can tap and hold to drag to precisely where you’d tee off from, allowing you to pre-plan before your next round just what you want to do off the tee. 



We’ve removed the linear flow to NoteCaddie, allowing you to hit any of the screens on your way through the hole in any direction you want. Previously, you were obliged to go from Notes to GPS to Green to Score before moving onto the next hole. While we think that process is still a good one for keeping you on schedule, now you can just track your scores and stay on the score input tab, or pick any of the tabs from any of the others, for a streamlined experience! We've also optimized the way we connect to the Course database and your notes, which makes NoteCaddie about 9.2 kagilliontimes faster. Approximately. 

4.  So You’re an Imperial… Or ARE You?


Don’t do Yards? With users now in over 17 countries, we aren’t surprised! Easily switch to using meters by accessing your profile. 

NoteCaddie continues to improve and we look forward to hearing your feedback about these changes!

We recommend you take NoteCaddie for a spin! Check out the list of available courses, as it grows weekly, and if your course isn't available, request it here!

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