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The Fearsome Feature Foursome Behind NoteCaddie

NoteCaddie Mobile Golf Celebrated the long awaited release of its app on iOS on September 10th, 2017. With a focus on Course Management, the app seeks to improve your golf game through solid decision making, and by allowing you to take notes on the course to use for later.


4 Main features build the backbone of the NoteCaddie experience, and allow a user to make solid decisions throughout their round, improving their scores without having to alter their swings. The App is built out in a linear fashion, so you hit each of the features as you progress through the hole. starting with a review of your notes, then showing you a visual of the hole with yardages to anywhere at your disposal, before taking you to the green where you can understand where to drop your approach and how your putt is going to break, and finally allowing you to enter your score, and keep track of your round. Here’s a breakdown of each feature:

1.       NOTES – 

      The App’s easy to use notes feature includes sliding options for ‘ideal miss’, and for club selection from the tee. the club options are efficient, being specific to the clubs you’ve picked when you set up your profile. You can use iPhone’s voice to text feature to talk out your notes, or type them out, in two area, one for the Tee Shot, and one for the approach. This feature sets the app apart, and you can note things over time, and come back to your notes to edit them later. Once you’ve noted the course, you can easily reference them at the beginning of every hole, giving you a solid plan for how to play it.

2.       GPS – 

     Many users will use the app for just GPS. A recent update to version 1.02 allows you to use most of your screen to see the hole, and zoom in and out to get a better idea of how to play the hole. Users can slide the point around to get distance to any point on the hole, and take advantage of distances to the front, middle and center of the green.

3.       GREEN NOTES – 

     While the app is centered on taking notes, this feature gives the notes a visual context, and allows golfers to draw directly on an image of the green! Users can draw the major breaks and undulation on the green and take advantage of this for both their approach shots, and their putting. We’ve found using a stylus allows for even more detailed and precise green maps. 

4.       SCORING - 

      The Scoring is another piece that many golfers will use even if they aren’t ready to emphasize taking notes on the course. The easy to use system allows players to track whether they hit the fairway/green off the tee, what they scored, how many putts they had, and whether they hit any hazards. At the end of the round, the app will synthesize all of your shots into a nice email with an overview of your round statistics, and make the round available for review, allowing you to revisit the scorecard, and see your stats on that round in particular. It also combines all of your round data into it’s stats module which gives you feedback on how often you are missing fairways/greens and in what direction, as well as several other metrics, so your practice time off the course can be well spent focusing on your areas of weakness.

The App’s linear progression through each feature streamlines the process and gets you thinking about the hole in a way that enhances your focus. The App design is mindful about keeping you in the right mindset, leading you through your thought process, while avoiding things like keeping to much focus on your score. A cool feature is that although your score is readily available should you need to check it, it stays hidden unless you actively hit the ‘see score’ button, so that it’s not interfering with your focus on the next shot.

We recommend you take NoteCaddie for a spin! Check out the list of available courses, as it grows weekly, and if your course isn't available, request it here!

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